What is In My Element?

Will it actually benefit my child or is it just another resource someone is trying to make some money from?

All of these are valid questions we would ask if we were considering paying for a new resource when there are many available on the internet. So we thought it would be good to address some of the questions people may have about the courses.

In My Element is a website where we focus on teaching and building solid foundations in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for KS3 Students, so enabling them to enjoy and achieve in their Science GCSEs. As part of developing our website we have a variety of lessons on our YouTube channel (all for free). The aim of these is to give an insight into the lessons and resources we will offer before you commit to buying any resources from us.

💥 How do the videos  work?

You choose the course topic/topics you would like to watch and can enjoy the videos for free.  There will then be a variety of resources available to purchase to support  the videos. Choose which video to wacth based on the topic you need the most help on. 

🚀 What does each unit of lessons include?

For each unit, there is a series of lessons covering all the key areas. Each lesson includes a presentation with a video teaching you the topic and addressing any tricky areas I know students find hard. The lesson is supported by a worksheet, this can be purhased and printed or saved as an editable PDF for you to complete. There is then a set of answers so the work can be checked, marked and corrected where necessary. 

💥 Who is teaching this course?

The course is taught by me (Kelly Mullenger). I have been teaching Science for over 18 years, in schools and as a private tutor, so I am experienced in all 3 sciences, at KS3 and KS4 and with all abilities. My main focus has always been helping my students to realise and achieve their potential, something which I am passionate about. During my time of tutoring, I noticed how there is a large amount of support and courses available for Primary children and GCSE students but very little for those just starting Secondary school in KS3, particularly their Secondary Science education. So that is where the idea for In My Element came from.


You can take as long as you like to watch the series of lessons. We have put the lessons in a specific order to help aid the learning. We also recommend you watch each lesson twice and once fully before you complete the relevant worksheet. Once you have purchased the resources pack it is yours to keep and revisit as many times as you like. We think as well as supporting and extending your KS3 Science learning they will be a good refresher ready for KS4 learning.


We are really excited about our resources and believe they will be a great asset to any students learning at school and home. If you have any questions, get in touch as we will be more than happy to answer them.