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(Biology, Chemistry & Physics)

for 11-14 Year Olds (Years 7, 8 & 9)

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Are there Science knowledge gaps that need to be filled? Is help needed with revision for upcoming exams? Are you not sure where to start?

Are there concepts that just seem too difficult but you know that a little extra support would really help?  Do you really want to build solid foundations in Science for your secondary school education?

Has Covid affected your Science education?

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I’m a year 8 student and this is really easy to understand, but still a good challenge. It helped me understand lots about cells and even though I am not that good at science I still got what to do and had a good time. The presentation and worksheets were easy to access and a great amount of work. The videos were the right length; not too long but short enough that I didn’t have to do the whole thing in one go. Kelly is a really nice teacher and explains things well and makes them interesting.

Student L

Kelly’s science courses are easily accessible: clear instructions and excellent verbal and visual presentation of information ensured that my children were able to engage successfully in independent learning. The worksheets are clear & concise in directing the student to listen for key information, and when completed are an invaluable revision guide. 

Parent J

I’ve always loved science but homeschooling my 12 year old son left me feeling alone and lost. I didn’t really know what I should be teaching him and I would spend hours looking for relevant resources.

After using In My Element revision courses I immediately started to feel comfortable. It was very clear what needed to be included in my son’s science curriculum. The engaging videos and illustrated worksheets mean that he can now teach himself without me looking over his shoulder. A bonus for both of us! I feel confident knowing he’s covering all the material he needs in KS3 Science with these short courses.


CR (full-time homeschool parent of 12-year-old)


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How can an online revision science course help your exam results?

How can an online revision science course help your exam results?

Do you know where to start when it comes to preparing for upcoming assessments or the completion of homework? Are you aware of ALL the topics that need to be covered in KS3 Science (Years 7-9)? Would you like to know how an online course can help?   An online...

Has a chemical reaction taken place?  How do I know?

Has a chemical reaction taken place? How do I know?

How do you know when a chemical reaction is taking place? Are there different types of reactions? What is displacement? Can you predict and explain what will happen during a displacement reaction?   Chemical reactions form the basis of many areas of chemistry and...

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