Have you been told you will be having a test soon?

Do you have end of topic tests approaching?

Are you totally baffled when it comes to revision and where to even start?


In this blog, we are taking a look at how a revision plan can help you be fully prepared and get you into good revision habits.

Time management

It is essential that you manage your time when planning revision for upcoming tests as this makes the revision tasks much more manageable. We suggest slots of 20-30 mins for each task. If you are able to plan a week at a time,  look at the commitments you have already in your diary and then work out the times that suit you knowing that you will work harder and be more focussed at these times. As you plan, you can also think about which topics you need to work on, and those that you know you find easier. 


Confidence on tricky topics

Using a revision timetable and ensuring you tackle the topics you find hard first will help you feel more prepared for any test. It is best to ask your teacher for a list of topics that they suggest revising.  You may even have been given a checklist at the start of the unit and this is always a good starting point for revision – you can start by looking back over the suggested topics in your notes, textbook or revision guide and also on the internet (or even, may we suggest you check out our YouTube channel!)

Another top tip is to make a list of any of the ideas/concepts you have covered recently that you think you haven’t clue about and then start with these. Make sure you add these into your revision plan.


Practise test style questions

This is key to doing well in tests! If you have revised the topic and then think you know it all, then it’s time to practise applying the knowledge by answering questions. Make sure in your revision plan you have allowed time for practise tests.

Sometimes it is hard just working out what the question is actually asking you to do. The more test questions you try the better you will do, especially if you are using the suggested mark scheme to see where you are getting it right and wrong. The mark scheme is a great tool to help you improve and focus on the target language you need to use.

A revision plan is a perfect tool to help maximise your potential, have you fully prepared for any tests and it will also get you into good habits ready for the exams in KS4 and sixth form.




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