Where do you find help if you don’t know the answer?

When your teacher has asked you to do some research for your homework, do you know where to start?

If you have missed work due to the lockdown which websites will help you catch up and understand tricky concepts?


In this blog, we look at ways you can support your own learning at home and check your understanding of the recent topics you have been taught online throughout lockdown.   If ever you need to catch up or revisit a topic when you have a test just around the corner, these helpful suggestions will be a good guide for you. Also if you realise you have missed a topic you can cover it using these resources.

When ideas are presented in different ways, this mixture of resources can really help secure your learning.


BBC Teach

The BBC teach website has a variety of different topics with videos to discuss and get you thinking. These look at different topics not covered in lessons that make a good starting point for any research you may have been set. There are some interesting topics such as genetic modification, how paint is made and a range of different experiments. You can choose to look at KS3 Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

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The Week Junior: Science+Nature Magazine

We have a subscription to this and we all enjoy it.  It is full of interesting articles, latest news, puzzles and recommended reading.  Also there is usually an offer on for the first 3 issues so you can see if it is for you and your family.

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BBC Bitesize

There are many lessons and resources on BBC bitesize and some useful video clips. You again need to have an idea of the topic you want to focus on or revise before you start looking. There is plenty of information and also revision quizzes to help you. They have a useful glossary which will help you with a focus on keywords which is essential for answering questions and explaining processes.

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Oyla Magazine 

Oyla was recommended to us by another parent and her science mad daughter loves it.  The bonus of this magazine is you can get your first copy free as a downloadable PDF.  This gives a great insight into what they cover and layout of the magazine and whether it will be worthwhile for your budding scientist.

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Science Blogs

There are many useful blogs that cover all sorts of science topics and help with common problems students face. In fact, why not check out the other topics covered in our own Spark an Idea blog for lots of different ideas to help you with your preparation for your GCSEs?


Hopefully, these suggestions either act as a little reminder of the wealth of sites that are out there or also introduce you to some new ones that you haven’t heard of. It is also important to remember there are different ways you can use these resources to your advantage.


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